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Excelente idea, es una buena manera de reutilizar los recortes de tela que tengamos guardados. Gracias por el tutorial, más fácil, imposible. Saludos ....

I LOVE this idea and tutorial! I think you could wrap the finished card in a sealed clear cellophane bag and seal it with an affixed address label. I'm definitely going to try this.

Great entry. Thanks a lot for your creativity and goos tutorials.



I used to dip starch fabric and hang dry for a real stiff final product -- I may have some left so will have to test this out.

These are so pretty and would make nice to give with gifts. I've seen a lot of fabric postcards that can go through the USPS if they are handstamped. Would these work that way?

Fabric envelopes are such a beautiful idea. I'm definitely going to make some of these beauties. Are fabric envelopes suitable for mailing, and how do you address the envelopes for mailing through the USPS? Of course, tying a pretty color-coordinated ribbon around the envelope for personal delivery would be lovely too. Look forward to seeing what you have in store for Part 2.

Warm Regards,

I love the idea!!

There is a product that is specifically for fabric-I can't remember the brand name, it is a fabric stiffener and came in a dark rose bottle w/white lettering. I poured it in a bowl and saturated the fabric wringing out excess. Hang to dry and you can iron it!It gets limp but as it cools it becomes very stiff and gorgeous. I made origami evening bags with this method years and years ago.Great product that I believe is still on the market.


What a great idea! I thought they were scrap book paper at first...but fabric is so much cooler. :)

Happy, happy day to you friend!

I love it! what an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Well, first of all, that fabric is making me drool -- it's gorgeous! What a fantastic idea -- I LOVE it. This would be a perfect opportunity for me to share my fabric obsession with my unsuspecting friends LOL! I do have a question though -- what happens if you iron the treated fabric? Does it make a mess of your iron? Remove the stiffening? Hmmm..... As always, your photos are beautiful!

Cool idea! I wonder if you could use acrylic medium for this as well. I wo,der if you could use the fabic for origami, too. Very nice. Many thanks.

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