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Hi there! Do you have any suggestions on how to make this food safe? I have created a few boards and have painted them with everything from acrylic paints to left over paint from when I painted my bedroom. However I realized that putting food on these boards may not be the best idea because if it sits there for a while....is the paint toxic? not safe to eat off of? And also it would be nice to protect it from damage. Ex. Last time I put some walnuts on there for styling and then I noticed it left behind some grease stains :(

Any ideas? :D

How do boards just stay together? Glue? Nails?

KariAnne sent me, too!

Just found this link on Thistlekeeping-Thistlewood Farm. I am going to go this weekend and get some boards of my own. My photography needs help, and I think this is just what I need! Thanks for sharing.
Judy @ judypimperl.blogspot.com

Did you glue the boards together? You can also get pieces of paneling that can be stained -- I had some left over and I was able to stain each side a different color.

Thanks for the idea! A blogger beginner myself and I love this option!

Im so glad I found this post! Thank you!

Vraiment génial votre site, depuis le temps que je cherche comment faire de jolies mises en scène pour mon blog et jamais personne ne m'a donné ces astuces ! C'est génial merci beaucoup pour toutes ces explications et ces bons conseils.
A bientot !

I just made this tonight and it came out perfect! Thank you so much for the how to!

So beautyfull blue colour

Oh thats soo cool! I will definitely have to give it a try! just 2 questions though.

1)are the little indents inside the wood for sticking them together there when you buy them? (like thats how the wood comes in the store) or do you have to ask them to put in the dents?

2) does the piece of wood hold together as a whole well? Do you not need to put glue in between the wedges?


Thank you for this tutorial! My home needs a little redecoration right now and your blog just gave me an awesome idea.

Your photography is beautiful & very inspiring! I truly enjoyed it. I found your blog from Tara Frey's Blogging For Bliss book. Have a wonderful day!

I love this idea and that color blue you used is beautiful. I have the hardest time taking good pictures indoors, yet I don't think I have ample space to house various props and it's so aggrevating. Thanks for the tutorial.

thanks for the tutorial! I have been looking for ways to enhance my blog pix

I'm definitely ready to go get some prop boards -- you have such great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

Very nice tutorial. The photos are so pretty and professional-looking. Oh, and I think your new assistant (Mr. Jordy) deserves a raise. :-}

It's a great idea! I usually use the backgrounds of my table or my all white desk. These are a fun way to really showcase a project or recipe.

Thank you for posting about back boards for photography. I use fabric and felt, but have never thought of boards. I'm going to have to explore this idea.

I love that robin's egg blue. I love the little bit of texture (if you could call it that)that wood does give your pictures. Very nice pictures and explanations on how-to also. I look forward to next week.

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