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it began to wear on me. Simply too dark in there. So, I decided on a soft butter yellow. It took three coats of primer and two coats of the new butter yellow to remove that red.

I love the red! Red is my favorite color,, but I only have it in my scrap room right now. It is not my hubby's fav color ;-) I love that nursery, and your dining room, and theater are a great shade of red.

i love any color as long as it's red.
your dining room and theater room look fabulous!

The red you chose for the dining room was a good pick. Not too harsh. Very warm. I painted my living room in a old apartment red. It gave off a lot of energy. I would not do it again. P.S. That office picture you posted has been in my "inspiration" file for a few years. Hmmm...great minds think alike - LOL.

Red is a very big commitment when you put it on the wall. When we moved here our kitchen was Catsup red. With no windows in the room, it began to wear on me. Simply too dark in there. So, I decided on a soft butter yellow. It took three coats of primer and two coats of the new butter yellow to remove that red.

Having said that, I love the color you chose and quite honestly wouldn't have guessed 'red' if you hadn't told us so. To me it is more a warm brick color. Or at least in the photos. Love it!

So how do I use red? Sparingly, and only as an accent in my living room.
~ Lynda

I LOVE red but don't want to use it here as we may move soon lol. Everything is neutral lol

You may recall that we had red carpet in the dining room and living room for YEARS - I hated it but was out-voted by rest of the family. It was a joy to get rid of it and switch to a nice neutral tan which fits our small rooms (and my personality) much better. I like the result of your red touches - very nice. Nana Banana (Mom)

What a fun post Lisa! I love red and I LOVE it when you do home decor posts -- you have such a beautiful home. I have a guest bath that's red. Funnily, when I first painted the room, I decided to do the ceiling in red too. Gah! It was WAY too much and felt like we were in a cave. The small change back to a white ceiling made all the difference and now I love it.

I love your movie room too. We also have one in our house -- put in by the previous owners. They put fabric on the walls which is fun -- if I ever get my act together , I'll send you a picture.

I love red and use it as accents in 2 rooms. I think it works really well.. especially in the kitchen!

I LOVE red in a home. Our little TV room is red and we call it "The Red Room" which feels very "Jane Eyreish." I think your dining room looks great - the color adds personality. And supposedly red makes you want to eat so that's the perfect color for a dining room.

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