Nun, ich bin froh, dass Sie setzen diese Bilder auf. Es absoluten Veränderungen den Blick auf einen Garten, und neben dem praktischen Nutzen, gibt auch einen Fokuspunkt.

Ich tue! Wir haben ein kleines Haus auch auf unserem Grundstück mit einer antiken Tür. Es hat eine einfache drei Licht-, Glas-Fenster-und Skeleton-keyed Messing Türgriff. Ich wollte schon immer um die Tür zu Kornblumenblau malen und aufpolieren, dass Messing Türgriff und seine Faceplate ...

Oh, thanks for sharing the potting shed inspiration. I do not have one (yet), but one of my neighbors a few doors down the pathway from us has such a lovely one with gardens to match. I covet them! Must practice self-control. Our backyard agenda item this summer is to rebuild and add to our existing deck.

Oh I love these! I am always pinning them on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing with us!

What a fun and timely post Lisa! The potting shed pictures you have chosen are all beautiful -- I would LOVE to have one. Sadly, I live in one of "those" neighborhoods. My sister has an cute little shed though -- I posted about it years ago on my original blog: http://www.thimbleanna.blogspot.com/2007/06/garden-shed.html Happy Gardening to You!!!

I do! We have a little well house on our property with an antique door. It has a simple three light, glass window and skeleton keyed brass door knob. I've always wanted to paint the door cornflower blue and polish up that brass doorknob and its faceplate... I finally started the project and I am almost done! Well, the outside anyway. The job when it is finished will have the inside dirt floor laid with brick, the walls whitewashed inside and a lovely vine on a trellis growing up the side next to the door. Oh yes, and we made a potting bench last summer which sits on the other side of the little house under the shade of the dogwood tree.

I can't wait to see what you make for your yard. I know it will be very special! ~ Lynda

LOVELY! I really, really want a garden lol

Well, I'm glad you put those pictures on. It absolute changes the view of a garden, and besides the practical use, also gives a focus point. Or it can be just a hiding, secret place.

Oh I love the look of vintage potting sheds! I wish I did own one, all I have is a small potting table. I have so many gardening ideas, yet no garden. This is the second year we've not planted a garden...I feel empty *laughing* Thanks for the inspiration!

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