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Gorgeous! We are doing a similar project with what will be a chill out/music/reading room. We are painting the French doors and seeking quotes for bookcases. Our issue is books, but also hundreds of CDs that we cannot bear to part with. Your project has definitely inspired me - thank you!

We are looking at turning our dining space into a library/music room. We decided to move our dining area to the "good room" (because we entertain a large number of people frequently) and live with just the family room (which is open concept to our kitchen). I love what you have done here!! I was also impressed with your presidential pics, being Canadian, my hubby and I are followers of some US politics. Quite monumental.

Wow. What a great transformation!

Everything looks perfect.
I am thinking of similar project at my house.
Thank you for the inspiration.

Julie x

Oh my goodness what an awesome transformation!! You have decorated this room beautifully and I love the colors you picked!

WOW lovely transformation. I love your style... definitely an inspiration for how I want to arrange my books when I move later on this summer.

I love your book cabinet "blending' with the door. Or the other way around, I don't know. But it looks amazing!

Many of my books are still in boxes. In desperation of the clutter, I have given many away. I want/need to do this in my living room. Love the transformation! For my remake I will have to do the carpentry myself I think...
~ Lynda

You have a gorgeous home! I love it...I love your blog, so many interesting projects.

Oh, and when can I come over for a visit to have a closer look at all your fabulous books?! Great atmosphere -- and perfectly inviting to sit down and read.

Greetings from Germany,

PS: Love those photos of you with the presidents.

..almost forgot - we will likely build a 'real' house next year which will include a library. My whole family collects and reads as well. I want to find an idea of how to incorporate some antique barrister syle bookcases into the built-ins!

WOW WOW WOW Lisa! I just LOVE this room now. Funny thing too - I just finished reading one of my favorite decorating blogs and thought the house she displayed was horrible.. so I just politely did not comment! I wish there was an 'un-rude' way to show her yours!

What a stunning transformation! I love the bookcases. I am a big fan of builtins. And of books. They make any room just so much more homey. :)

Your room transformation is incredible! Thank you for sharing. You never cease to amaze me!

What a beautiful bookcase addition! I am also a book lover with lots of books. :-)

I'm new here, so I'm off to check out your blog.

So happy I found you. :-)

I'm trying to convince my Hubby to build even more bookshelves in my home. You can never have too many! Loved the pictures. Thanks. Donna


What an faboulous room!
The bookcases are like the icing on the cake. Your blog is so inspiring!
I never talk religion or politics, but WOW to have the privilage of your picture taken with two presidents!

My goodness! Wonderful room make-over! All for the love of books! I love it! I'm still in your previous sage---books all over the house. I was wondering how my husband would feel about dedicating a room as a library.... You nailed it with a libray/music room! Looks great! ~Heidi

Well done Lisa! Books make homes so much more interesting I agree and they say so much about who lives in the home. I love your room transformation and hope I can one day find a permanent home for all my books that we have in storage while we live in Europe.

What an amazing difference those bookshelves make! And being able to display your books and those precious photos would have been worth it even if the project didn't make the room more gorgeous (which, of course, it did!).

oh it is JUST lovely. Aren't books just lovely??? They are like old friends. I have wanted to do this in my living room but haven't had the guts. I am going to bookmark this post as inspiration! PS love the pic of you and the BIG guy!

Lovely transformation Lisa. Now I want that "at home with books" book too. Great pictures as well. Well done.

lovely remodel (and yes, those photos NEED to be displayed!)

I love your style of decor! And your music room is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing ways to display books around the home. Maybe now I'll take more of my books out and display them about my home.

Wow -- what a transformation Lisa -- it's just beautiful! We have lots of built-in bookcases too and I love them. I often wonder how future generations, in the age of e-books, will get that warm book feeling in their homes!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!

The bookcases look great!

The room is gorgeous, and very inviting - a home without books is like a home without a soul. I used to have 10,000 books in my living room! But my Sam is allergic to dust, and it was taking all my time keeping them dust-free, no doors on my bookcases. Now we hang onto our very most special books, and let the library take care of the rest. *G* Beautiful home you have, Lisa!

Do you rent space? I'm coming so somebody is going to have to move over! Elegantly cozy.

Wow, Lisa, this is a gorgeous transformation! I love to see before & after pictures like this. And that really is the perfect space for built-in bookcases!

Also, very cool photos. So glad you shared those, too!

I'm the same way with my books and magazines (Victoria, Coastal Living, Black Enterprise, Cooking Light, Romantic Homes, etc.). I hoard them. Love what you did with the music room. Looks very restful.

Your space just looks gorgeous Lisa! I just love the pop of white with the muted color!

Your house is sooooo beautiful. I always love when you show pics of your personal spaces. I could move into any of the spaces I have seen and be a happy lil clam.

Those new shelves look wonderful and really make the room look bigger! Beautiful job!

I LOVE bookcases that are part of the wall instead of a separate piece of furniture (is that what they call built-ins?). Great way to make use of the dead space - and it looks so good!!!!!
Doncha think that books just make some of the prettiest and simplest decor? I'm sure you do, lol.

What an amazing transformation! I am a book lover too, and there is not one room in our home that doesn't have books in it. And I don't think I've ever seen our president look happier! Great photos of some incredible memories for you. (Can't wait until 8/1 to see what you have in store for us!)

Just awesome!!!

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