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This is such a good idea as a craft for children at home or at pre-school grades. It is a way of creating something fun out of a photograph and I'm sure that children would love playing around with the blocks and then finding the right ones to join in the right order to form their picture. It can be done with specially printed family photos in the form of a square by cropping the pictures or resizing them. There are so many quality photo printing sites on the net nowadays, that you would surely find the right one to print the photo and then play around with it. Great idea and well-explained.

that's really a fantastic post ! added to my favourite blogs list.

thanks for sharing this information! it's very useful for a lot people try to understand how we can use this product.

Nice article.....I really impressed while reading your post.....Thank you so much , it will useful to every one....

Sounds like a great idea.
And it looks fun too.

your daughter looks adorable. lovely pics! love it! and you have an axcellent ideas. love your fan photo box too. awesome!

Lisa, Thanks again for such a comprehensive tutorial! I always learn something here!

you always have the most fabulous ideas!!! This is so cool. I hope things are great wtih you! Happy spring!
♥ emily

What a great idea! I remember similar puzzles from my youth, but to add pix of family is such a great twist. Uh-oh, more art supplies: I'm gonna get myself an Omnigrid!

I LOVE this idea. Thanks so much. I think these may have to go in our Easter baskets.

Your blocks are BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! I've been wanting to make some for so very long... you've just pushed me over the egde. Wouldn't these make the perfect gift for anyone??? Thanks for sharing!

How incredibly wonderful! I have people in my family who are into cooking/baking and scrapbooking. I have recently started a blog and put you as one of my most "endeared". I also plan on sharing "how to" tutorials, recipes, patterns, ideas, etc. You are an inspiration! Love, Karen from Pieces of Dreams and Karensgardencottage!

I saw the first picture, a tiny part of the second picture and had to jump down to comment. I have a few blocks among my stash of items and if the stores weren't closed, I'd grab my keys...Now let me go back and read your full post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks for posting this Lisa, cool idea! May be I can get it togther and made by Fathers day.

This project is fabulous! I love the variety of pictures you used, and the colors are wonderful too. I can see my brother and sister loving this for their daughters.

I love the 1st & 15th! Thank you Lisa for another very cool project! I can't wait to do this for some friends that have a child turning "1" in May!


Yippee! It's the 1st of the month and Lisa has posted a new (and fabulous) project.

You always come up with the most creative and wonderful ideas, Lisa.

Wonderful idea. But, I know myself to well to get something like this started... But my daughter will be 4 on Friday, perhaps someone will be nice enough to bring her such a gift? *crossing fingers*

I love this! Hmmmmmmm lol

Brilliant! This is a wonderful idea!

What a fun project Lisa! Thanks for the great idea!!!

What a neat idea! I am definitely going to make one of these for my son and daughter-in-law who just had a baby girl three weeks ago. How cute will this be on my son's desk! Thank you for the really cool idea!

Clever and a great gift for puzzle lovers.

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