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thanks for the interesting post. Your Mom sounds like a very interesting person. As a first generation American, I love to hear about families that still have land that goes back several generations (not to brag, by my Dad's family's property in Austria goes back to the 6th century!) Don't you always wonder who first looked at those husks and said, gee, wonder if that's good to eat?

So I know NOT to sneek up on Nana Banana! Thanks for sharing your family/farm history. I am going to share your post with my mom since she is usually on the hunt for Black Walnuts.

Love this! I tried my hand at collecting these this year. If I had a wide open space, I'd probably do it. But I live in an apartment...so hammering away isn't too easy. :) Did yours have maggots inside the shell? I peeled away the shell on many, and there were tooooonnns of maggots. Way gross!

I loved this post. I grew up with a huge black walnut on our property in California The roots took up our house foundation, they were dangerously slippery to walk over. But we all loved that tree and the thunder it would cause from falling walnuts on the roof. We did not understand how to eat them - what a loss.

Now I'm living in Italy and faux painting. I'm excited I have found your website

Thanks Nana Banana -- now I'll know for next year! (From Anna Banana LOL!)

Greetings to all the nice respondents to the Black Walnut post. To Thimbleanna: after curing, the nut meat will not pop out. The walnut shell is very hard. With a brick or cinder block under the nut, carefully crack the walnut with a good hammer - a regular nut cracker will not do the job. Two or three whacks should do it.You don't want to smash the nut. You want nice size pieces. After cracking the nut open, you will need a nut pick to get all of the kernel out. Place your nut meats in a bowl, taking care to exclude any tiny shell fragments. Use in your cookie and candy recipes and enjoy the compliments. Best wishes, Nana Banana

Nana Banana is so darn cute -- and you're too funny about her packing heat! Wow! Thanks for all the info. We have a small black walnut tree and this year was the first year that I've noticed it's nuts. I tried to crack one a month or two ago but it was just a big mess. Thanks so much for this post -- now I know one of the secrets -- that inner nut has to cure for several weeks. It looked like it would be hard to get the meat out of the inner shell -- does the aging make it pop right out? And my last question...will we be seeing that fudge recipe at Christmas time??? ;-D

what a lovely tribute to your Nana Banana- she is beautiful and wht a blessing to have her for you and your children! Thanks for sharing part of your family history too-how wonderful that you have all that history!

Aww I'm always so happy to see Nana Banana!! She's so beautiful. Lisa, I've seen those things before when my family walk through his hunting spot. I had no clue what the "ugly" things were and didn't dare to touch or kick it for fear of what would appear (Aren't I the Alabama country girl). As beautiful as this process is, I think I'll pass and keep purchasing walnuts from the store *smile*

Your Nana Banana looks familiar to me - she doesn't happen to be a quilter, does she? :)

I, too, love a good Black Walnut ... and helped my grandma open a plenty of them in my child hood. I always associate them with Christmas cooking.

The husks make good fabric dye and a very acidic but long lasting ink.

:) Linda

Nice post. Always good to see Nana Banana.

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