Beautiful prsentation !
good going! keep up!

oh my, beautiful! lavender IS a soothing color. these cupcakes look wonderful.

You have reminded me of my childhood, the lavender my grandmother grew on her farm and the many lavender-colored pieces of clothing she wore and I admired. Fortunately I can now plan to bake and taste your beautiful cupcakes and relive these memories, at my choosing.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. "G"

dear lisa

if you want a lavander i can send you
i live in france and i have a lavander
you will see that

if you are ok
could you give me on my mail your adress

excuse me for my english !!! it'a an english school!!!!

in french
cher lisa
j'habite en france et je peux vous envoyer quelques brins de lavande
comme çà vous pourrez voir de vos propres yeux de la vraie lavande !!!
si vous êtes ok
donnez moi vos coordonnées sur ma boite mail
bonne journée


What lovely photos Lisa. I love the colour lavender, but have never been a big fan of the smell, I find it too overpowering, it doesn't seem to sooth me the way it does others.

I'll be bookmarking yours :)


How can anyone not love lavender! I especially like the photos of the fields. Beautiful! I bet the bees enjoy it, too. :) See you around BYW2!

The sugar on those flower petals is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks!

I love all shades of purple - such a gorgeous post and those cupcakes look ever so pretty! bet they were delicious...

Your blog is amazing, so much to see and to do, so much inspiration! Great to meet you in BYW2!

I love lavender and luckily we also have some in our mini garden!
The idea of the frosted flower is so sweet! I will remember it!
Thanks and wish you a nice day

Hi Lisa, Your blog is so pretty and rich, so full of goodies. Lavender icing?? That's a first for me, but so pretty!

Your photographs are amazing, your blogs must take a very long time to put together, they are inspirational. Thanks for sharing your amazing work all the way to the U.K

I too have a lavender blog, this is the Lavender Barn in Alresford Hampshire U.K it is so gorgeous and is full of very tempting things. http://www.karenbarclay.com/everything-else/i-blame-the-rain/

Gorgeous photographs! My mom made me a pansy covered birthday cake once, and it was definitely one of my most memorable. :)

Hi Lisa, Yes, I decided to take BYW2 even though I didn't take the first one. I marvel that you are there too because your blog is absolutely incredible!!!!!!!! I do not know how you do all you do. The cupcakes and post on lavender are wonderful. Lavender is so soothing, not only beautiful but the fragrance is wonderful as well. See you in class, thanks again ;-)

love me some lavender. color, smell, the whole thing.

Gorgeous and soothing lavender post!
I especially love your idea of crystalizing the lavender flowers as cupcake toppers...so beautifully photographed, too! Lovely!

So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0!
All the best,

Hi Lisa

Thank you for your lovely comment and for popping by my blog :-).

Love your lavender blog post and funnily enough I've just sat down after making some cupcakes and topped them with crystallised pansies...what a coincidence!

I look forward to connecting with you on the BYW course.

Very best wishes

Beautiful presentation of lavender. I just can't get enough of it's soothing scent.

Lavendar is such a soothing/relaxing scent. I love lavendar. Great post! I'm walking away from the cupcakes:)

Beautiful cupcakes and a lovely post.

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