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Wow! What a great collection of awesome embroidery pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Wow what a great idea. i have no i words to say about it. I have only one word to say for this "Awesome". I love your idea and the great work.Its so impressive , fun tutorial and absolutely gorgeous. I am dam sure every one love this kind of stuff and this great embroidery which you have made cleverly.

Wow you share such beautiful images with us. Its wonderful pincushion you make it. Its looks very attractive and fabulous as well as You have done great work.

Its all nature picture is cool and wonderful. You have done great work on pincushions with best fabric and embroidery work.

Its very lovely pincushions !! In this cushions work and picture is too good as well as fabric is so smooth. I like this post.

Fabulous!!!You did a great job!!!!Thanks for sharing it

Does Nana Banana arm wrestle? I want those cushions!!

These are impressive Lisa. I love the machine embroidered idea but wonder if I am a little to antsy to do it by hand. Love the long rectangular shapes you worked up.


Sweet little pincushions! I would love to have an embroidery machine, but alas, there are far too many other things I "need" :) The pincushions are really lovely!

Thank you for sharing.

Wow! That's a lot of thread changes. Those designs are incredibly detailed. Great pincushions. I have some fairly detailed Hummel embroidery designs that I'm dying to use. I never thought of using them on pincushions. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

What a fun tutorial! I have recently discovered quilting (that's how I found you BTW) and I'm hating my magnetic pin holders because I invariably get stabbed trying to get a hold on a pin! Fabric and stabbed fingers do not play well together. I will do this this morning. Thanks!

You ALWAYS do stunning work!!!!!!

So beautiful, Lisa. I was just doing a bit of research on Amazon.com and saw that a new craft book devoted to making pincushions will arrive in Spring 2012. Did you contribute? Anyway, this idea has me thinking I may want to invest in an embroidery machine. Thanks for sharing.

Those at super cute Lisa. You're so clever! I love to get embroidery designs but I often can't think of anything to make with them - these are perfect!

Lisa these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I so agree with you about watching the change of colors transform a plain piece of fabric into a beautiful picture! I have a machine embroidery business and get to work on new projects every day! It never gets old. Love, love, love your pincushions!

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