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This was such a great read, thank you!

What a wonderful, informative post! I love using the clips to hold the reflector. Genius! I've been meaning to make my own wood surfaces and your tutorial is great. Thanks!

You have truly been an enlighting inspiration for me. Thanks again:)

I love this post. I keep telling myself I need to invest in more boards and backdrops. Beautiful pics :)

Very amazing photography is done. This all picture are gorgeous. I like this post where I get see this amazing photography of food. I appreciate your work. I impressed by that.

Every pictures looking great and also that food looking so delicious. I am so excited for eat that food, It sounds like a very testy.

Stumbled upon this post & ur blog while looking for rewviews for food photography books. This post is great with some real handy tips and u are already so good behind the camera, that I can imagine how better it would get.

BTW I specifically wanted to choose between Nicole's and Helene's book, to start my learning. I'm a food blogger who wants to take good pics. Would really appreciate ur advice, since you are amidst few who have read both - Thanks

Great post, love the photo's. Thank you for sharing them :)

Great post with wonderful tips! Thank you!

Hi Lisa,

I tried to email you but it bounced and your comment had a "no-reply" address so I'm leaving this reply here. Yes, CCE was incredible and I can't wait for next year. The LIghtroom course
I'm taking is offered through ClicknMoms. You might be familiar with it
already but if you're not, it's a huge photographic community for women and
they offer different classes each month. Another site that offers them is:
http://www.texaschicksblogsandpics.com/lightroom-classes-online/. I know
there are many others, you just need to Google it, then look for reviews.
Another great site to check is Scott Kelby's here:

By the way, you have some great stuff on your blog. I really enjoyed the
food photography, lighting and props posts you have. I was so close to
signing up for the food photography class at CCE - wish I had but there were
way too many great classes to choose from!

Have a great day,

What a great idea to use boards for a backdrop! It creates such a rustic look.

I am also interested in learning more about food photography. Which of the books that you mentioned do you think would be best for a beginner?


Dang, girl, you're good! Thanks for the tips and inspiration for photographing!

Another great post! there is always something inspirational here!

Thanks for such an insightful post Lisa, as always you amaze me :)Using Wood planks as a prop base does give that raw ala naturale/organic feel to food. Love it !

I only read a third of your blog when I decided to jump in to post a "thank you, thank you" comment for explaining this subject. You come up with such easy to understand blogs that make me want to go out and buy and go out and try. Thank you Lisa. I am going to finish the rest of your blog now. This is going to be another one that I will read again and again.

Delicious post Lisa! I am not really into food styling but I did learn a lot about basic photo techniques in this post. Loved the idea for using crackled wood boards as a backdrop. These techniques can be applied to all sorts of photography!


Lisa, great post! Love all the ideas for backgrounds, thanks!! Such a simple solution, to buy boards! I would have never thought about it :)

GREAT post Lisa! Thanks for all the tips -- especially about the styling books. (BTW, it cracks me up that you buy cookbooks for the photos and not the recipes -- you're too funny!) I love the milk and eggs pictures shot from two different angles. I find myself always wondering if an overhead shot (or a close-up) would look better and I usually can't decide. Lots to think about here -- Thanks!

Love this post, Lisa! Thanks for sharing this info.

I'd better go find the batteries, you're making this look way too fun, Lisa! GREAT post as always!

I'm so excited about this post that I'm at a loss for words!! You ALWAYS have the greatest post, so informative and inspiring. I wish you much success on your new endeavor, I KNOW you will be great..as always. Thanks for sharing your blessing of craftiness. You have truly been an enlighting inspiration for me. Thanks again:)

I really, really enjoyed this post. So informative and your photos and styling are truly inspirational! Great blog!


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