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Cameron and I has really same interest especially in the choice of comforter and with the earth colors that I also want to blend in.

Wow, that's a nice room. It's a little messy but I love the decorum.

I LOVE this room. I can't imagine any pre-teen girl NOT loving this room.

I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. Great Post..

Wow! This looks so good. Nice job!

Love that color green; I have it in my kitchen! How about a recycled rag rug that she can help you make (then its an heirloom she can bring to her first apartment!)
See here..... http://www.ragrugcafe.com/toothbrush-rugs-complete-video-instructions-part-1-beginners

Lisa, it turned out beautiful. The colors are so soothing. The window treatments were the hit of the room!


I love the room makeover! Very nice! The acessories are just wonderful!

The room looks great. Does she like it? I think it's important to let kids have some say in their rooms... My parents let me paint and decorate my room as a teen, and I am so glad. It's the kids that have to live there, right? I know it's your house, but pick your battles... unless the house is on the market for sale, I don't think it's so bad to let them have a bit of their own personality shine through in their room.

Her room looks great.
Don't you just love a staple gun? I use mine for all kinds of things, oh and can't live without double stick tape. LOL
Can't wait to see what kind of rug you come up with.
Have a wonderful long weekend,

What a wonderful transformation. Love the wall color and color swatches of fabrics. They blend so well.

what fun to see the progression and all the little details!

WOW...that is such a nice room. Great job.

Very nice!

Nice work Lisa and Cameron. I am glad you were able to achieve a result that satifies both of you. Lisa: I like this better than the blue and silver flamingoes wallpaper that you insisted on when you were Cameron's age. Best wishes, Nana Banana

I remember when I would take trips and my mom would take the opp to reinvent my room. I think you are smart for giving Cameron the chance to add her own touches! You are truly a DIY genius!

What a great room makeover! You're extremely talented! Just never do what I did----let my daughter paint her room purple, only to have her get married and move out a year later. Do you know how many coats of paint, including a good stain cover, it takes to cover purple??? Happy day!

Oh Lisa you are the queen of all creativity - Cameron's room is just gorgeous!! I really love the bed pillows, and wish I had seen this before I gave all my poly batting away - I hated it for quilting but it would have been perfect for this. Maybe I'll get some more....thank you for all the inspiration!!!

No kidding! Now there is a bed in there!!!! snicker snicker!

It looks beautiful!

I Love how you used your old curtains as a pattern, sometimes we should trust our instincts and keep certain things because they can come in handy in ways we didn't expect. The room turned out beautifully.

Her room and beautiful. I think she will really like it. And those window treatments are very very nice. You did a wonderful job on them. Retail on those are not cheap at all.

It's beautiful Lisa! Great job on the valances. I recently got a quote for valances in my kitchen -- one valance, 150" long, and they wanted $2500. After I picked myself up off the floor, I decided I'll make my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful transformation! I hope she liked the headboard/footboard", as I do!

STUNNING as always!!!!!

I love the way you changed the room --- very creative, and the colors look great! I also have a teenage daughter and know what you mean about agreeing on styles. Nicely done!

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