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This sounds like a terrific event. Thanks for the great re-cap! I love your blog (which I came across via the BYW class...I took the first one). I'm going to follow you now!

Lisa, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Fun to see yours! Oh my goodness- my friend was able to attend this and I wanted to go with her so badly. Just couldn't swing it with a newborn. I'm jealous you were able to meet Ree. What an amazing person. Thanks for the recap!

This was a great recap of the CC Event...
how does one put into words all of the fun, excitement, kindred spirits, classes, passion and creativity? It's so much more than words can truely express. Seriously, these types of events really are hard to encapsulate, but you did well lady!

It was great meeting you and discovering your blog. I recently shared you with my readers here:
so they could get in on your creative fun.

Keep blogging, we'll keep reading!
Thank you!

I am so excited to see what new idea's you picked up. I love to admire the stuff you make.

Lisa, you did an amazing job with your creations at The Creative Connection. It was a joy meeting you at the Handmade Market! Love your blog! Kris

definitely planning to stash a week of vacation for the possibility of going next year!! If I go, I'll let ya know if I need a roomie!
Great recap!

I think I'll join you at next year's festivities. I have been joensin' to go. This post perhaps eve solidified my plane ticket!

.mac :)

how awesomely inspiring that must have been! so glad you were able to attend and do hope you get to make it an annual sojourn!

I was a bit surprised to see the post off schedule. LOL! But I was glad to see it. I just saw another post about the Creative Connection and learned about the whole convention and I thought it was the coolest thing. I would have loved to go and see what it was all about. So I thank you for the nice post on the event activities. Hopefully next year I'll be able to go. It's really sounds super cool!

Wow, it looks like such a fun event! Thanks for the great re-cap!

What an amazing experience! I am really kicking myself for not going to this event since I live in Madison and my brother lives in Minneapolis (would have been pretty easy to go). I am impressed with all the goodies you received, all the fabulous and relevant information you came away with, and all the invaluable contacts you made!

I am positively GREEN, Lisa....this sounds so amazing...what I wouldn't give to go to this!

Oh I agree..it was soooo much fun. And I sooooo remember you my dear....I was working there with the CC team...so nice to meet you.

I have been following you for awhile and did not connect your blog with you until I just saw your photo.

Friday hugs. xoxoxox

how FUN!!!! What a great opportunity!


It looks like you had a wonderful time Lisa. And the goodies! Oh My!

oh, oh, oh! I think my head is going to explode (in a good way!) I would love to attend an event like this -- maybe some day when I am through raising toddlers. What inspiration! Thanks for sharing.
PS -- LOVE that pincushion.

Thank you for the wonderful posting about the Creative Connection event. I can only imagine all of that fantastic inspiration in one place. This just brighten up my day. Thanks again.

Thanks for all the details! Can't wait to go myself :)

how fantastic it looked! I wish I had been there! Luckily, I am attending the gilded life's last event here in Dallas in October though, so i have that to anticipate!
These artful events can be addictive, can't they?!! Suzie

Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I am making plans to go next year.....

Thanks for giving us the virtual visit to this fantastic event. I appreciate the report which expressed your delight in the whole affair. I feel like I shared in the fun of it. Best wishes, Nana Banana

I love your cards because I love your banner. Thanks for sharing The Creative Connection event with those of us who weren't there and filled with wonder. It sounds awesome.

wow! And no worries- we're always inspired and captivated by all the amazing things you share. Have a wonderful weekend!

WWOOWW!! Thank you for taking us along!! You pay so much attention to detail!! XXOO, Damaris

Oh Lisa this is the most well-put-together recap of TCC event! And so classy too! Thanks for the shout-out, and right next to Jill Schwartz too (feeling very honored)! Your photos are beautiful and it gives people a feeling of "being there" if they actually weren't. So glad to be blog buddies with you!!

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