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Such amazing diversity of talents...When do you sleep dear Lisa???

ooh choo-choo chocolate chip! love cookies so much!! YUM YUM

Step back and brighter!

Thanks for the inspiration!!! I used your idea to design some cute tags for the bake sale at work!

Thanks for your blog! I always look forward to what great project you'll have next!


Your cookie presentation for the Whistle Stop event look marvelous, Lisa!!!!


How cute!!! I have never seen the Gold Leafing marker. I need one of those! I'm going to give your recipe a try. My kids love chocolate chip cookies.

this are awesome uploads and a excellent place too! love the pics it is very stunning and oh love the cookies too! actually, im a cookie monster because i love to eat cookies a lot :D

this are awesome uploads! love the pics it is very stunning and oh love the cookies too! actually, im a cookie monster because i love to eat cookies a lot :D

Amazing Idea....Keep up the good Work....

Nice to see more "recycled" cabooses. Our town adopted a caboose as its mascot, too. Kids can have a birthday party there. Hope your summer is off to a fabulous start.

Everything you create is ALWAYS presented so exceptionally well. You have truly inspired me to do better with taking my time with my projects and being aware of every detail. Yet again, your work is great! I think my son would want to switch mom's if he saw your school treats:)

What a fabulous event & those chocolate chip cookies are making me drool!!!:) chris

Simply MARVELOUS!!!! :)

Wow, that looks like a great event! My son, the train lover, would be thrilled! I love how you presented the cookies! When ever I am involved in a bake sale I try to present the treats in a fun way and they always sell better! And for more money! Thanks for your great tips!

I recognized your cookies immediately! I wonder if the other moms wince whenever they see you coming with your beautifully presented treats?

I'm the queen of making chocolate chip cookies. Your idea of making a lovely label and wrapping is great. Now, I'm having a why didn't think of that moment. Anyway, the next time I give cookies gifts I'm going to do this. As always, you come up with the best ideas, Lisa.

Lisa .... Wow! Amazing post ... my 10 year old daughter walked by me as I was reading this post and loved the cookie idea. We will be doing this for our next school bake sale for sure.

I gave you an "award" on my blog yesterday ... if you get a minute please check it out! http://lorrieeverittstudio.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-am-still-learning.html


Great idea/presentation. I'm hungry now...

Great as always!!!!

That is such a great idea! They look terrific!

So cute! I blogged our bake sale today (baked all day yesterday) and am all smiles: I used the red grograin with white "stitch" ribbon too! :) I'm afraid I went more "informative" by just using peel and stick labels- but your tags have definite BUY ME BUY ME appeal!

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