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First of all, congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! Why did I start blogging? First of all I discovered blogging and was drawn in by all the wonderful bloggers and their creativity. As a newly retired person, it was a way for me to remain connected. It wasn't long before I wanted to start blogging myself. I love to write and create and it was a natural progression. I would love the Blogging For Bliss book. EVERYONE is talking about it.

Hello Lisa!

A big congratulations on your being included in Tara's beautiful new book! It sounds absolutely wonderful! As you know your beautiful blog is one of my favorite places to visit.:o) Congratulations my friend!



Lisa, glad you are in the book. I love your banner and how cool for it to be on the back cover! It has been a busy summer and I have not been able to keep up with all the blogs I check out. I love to see all the great ideas you come up with! And your tutorials are great!!!!!! Glad I checked on yours today, looks like a really cool book. I don't blog, but maybe some inspiration from the book could get me started ;)

Lisa you are very Deserving!

Blogging for bliss is like a big slumber party where all creative ideas are expressed and displayed. The best part is it never ends!
Congrats Lisa, you are very inspiring.
Sincerely, Jay

So fun! Your blog is always a great inspiration - thanks for the chance :)

congratulations on having your blog included in the book. how exciting is that!
i love your banner and i'm gonna head on over to Sadies website to see what she can do for me.
love your blog!
have a great day.

Happy Birthday to your Blog !!!!!
You are very generous with the giveaway. Thank you to give me the chance.
Lot of kiss

What a fantastic idea for a book, I would love to read it!! I just started blogging and hope I can make it to my 2 year blogiversary!! Congrats!

Congratulations on your two year blogging anniversary! I'm celebrating the end of my first year of blogging next week and I can't tell you how much blogging has changed my life! I've met other people with the same interests who have inspired me to be creative even when I don't feel like doing anything. I'm looking forward to my second year and can't wait for all it will bring to me! :0)

Congratulations on being included in the book. I, too, have started to blog, but have not been as consistent with it as I would like. I love reading blogs and have found out so much helpful information and creativity. I love it!


I saw you in Blogging for Bliss and I am so happy I visited your blog. The colors just pop from your images. You are so very talented! I look forward to returning to your blog to read future posts!!! :)

Your creativity is amazing! I love the pictures of your craft room and I love the vinyl lettering on the wall. I just got a Cricut, thinking I could do something similar. I haven't even opened it up yet, too busy reading my new book on blogging and checking out everyone's creativity. Too fun!

This book and allyou great bloggers out there are a great inspiration to those of us who are new to the blog world! :)

I visit blogs because I love beautiful pictures and all of the blogs I visit share family events. It makes me feel a warmth of kinship in each of the sites I visit. I came across yours and found so much inspiration. In fact I made the mini cheesecakes and they will be STAPLE in my sweet tooth loving family! Thank you to all the women who blog for sharing their lives with the women who haven't tried it. Yet!

Congratulations on your blog and thank you for sharing. The book would be so useful for bloggers like me who are not very knowledgeable.

Lisa, I have just started blogging and found it to be so liberating. I focus on providing news you can use and inspiration for the unemployed or underemployed either by choice or circumstances. I have enjoyed your blog and will add it to my blogroll.

Will have to check out the book.


Lisa Lenoir

The book is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Adding my congratulations for inclusion in this beautiful book ~ how eXciting! I blog primarily for the creative outlet, but also enjoy camaraderie and artistic inspiration from fellow bloggers. ThanX for the entry!

What a wonderful looking book, I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years and I can't begin to explain how many friends I've made...how much inspiration I have found and how much support I've been given at times of need.

What a wonderful post telling us about this book! I would so much like to win a copy of it! I had a blog and it was going well. I became discouraged and deleted it. I have days when I want to begin another one. This book would be such a great guide in doing it the right way.

Congrats to you Lisa on being included in the book!! I just heard about Tara yesterday on another blog and found out about the "party" a little late. I will check it out when I go to B&N this week :)

p.s. Thank you for your note about the gyspy caravan! I'd love to see the dolls your daughter creates:)

First of all let me congratulate Tara for her book and you for being a part of all the fun...

I must say it looks like she out did herself with all the fabulous photos and loads of information ....

I know a lot of the blogs that you have spoken about in this post and truly enjoy visiting them as often as I can...

I too have had Sadie Olive do some work for me... she is fabulous...

Thank you for such a generous giveawy ....


I absolutely adore blogs. As a somewhat newbie scrapbooker-wannabe seamstress-future home decorating master, I love the inspiration I get from the women (or men) who share their passions and talents in a blog.

I used to be an HGTV fanatic. I still love the channel but find blogs to be more personal and attainable. Who doesn't love watching a pro like Candace Olsen at work? Her style and process is awesome but simply not possible for us regular Joes...or Janes. (lol) It's on the blogs where you can find the woman with limited time, budget and resources who can interpret the look for less. Gotta love that.

What a beautiful book! Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about it.

Reading your blog makes me happy. It's bright pink background is so cheerful and sets off your photos beautifully. It's been a joy to get to know you and your creative projects through your blog. You are so darn creative!

It didn't surprise me that your blog was included. Now my blog, it's just blah. I would love the opportunity to win a copy of this book.


Hello Lisa, Congratulations...what an honour to be part of Blogging for Bliss. I would love to be in the draw.....it would help me extend with my blog...Like many I used to lurk and finally found the courage to format my own...I had no idea at the time how Blogging would become an extension of my passion Quilting and Craft....most of all the friendships I have formed through this medium.....so many caring people worldwide....Warm Regards Lyn

Great review of the book I would love to own. I blog to learn more about quilting, get ideas from others, find out about new products and fabrics and to ask for advice on my creations.

Hi Lisa
What a beautiful blog you have! I've been following links on Kari's blog (Artsymama) today and visiting lots of new blogs :-)It's one of the reasons I love blogging so much ~ the sharing of creativity is amazing! Congratulations on your 2nd blogaversary & your contribution to Blogging for Bliss.

I just learned of your blog from Jocelyn at Happy Cottage Quilter and I'm glad she wrote about you. I only recently started my own blog after being pulled in by others. I love this medium of sharing and meeting people. For me, my blog allows me to share with others my passions and reading other blogs exposes me to inspirations I would otherwise miss. How exciting is that?

I am so happy to have discovered your blog -it's wonderful! Attending the Blogging for Bliss party is one of the most fun things I have done in the blog-o-sphere.
Thanks for sharing.
Kind regards,
email: katholeen at gmail dot com

That book looks wonderful, adn I would love the chance to win the book.

Being in Australia I haven't heard of this book yet! I'm sure it will be a popular one though. I blog for bliss to be inspired and that happens every day!

I went into the blogging world kicking and screaming and now I absolutely love it. I love to write and I adore meeting new people on line...it is the best.

Thanks for letting me enter the give a way...I'm adding you to my Google Reader. Off to read more of your past blog entries.

Oh by the way Jocelyn/Happy Cottage Quilter sent me.



Great blog, and that looks like such a wonderful book! I started blogging for my little stores over on Etsy, but have continued because I also, love sharing my creativity. And I just need that outlet to create. I also love seeing all that others out there make, and am often inspired when looking at blogs. It's also very interesting to see what others all over the world are doing!

Wow, this looks like a great book. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Congrats on being included.

Thank you so much, after reading this review of the book I will definitely get it, and maybe even dig deep and find the blogger in me...
Thank you so much for the opportunity of being able to participate in the draw.
Valentina from Cyprus

Thank you for accepting my entry for this WONDERFUL book. Jocelyn @ Happy Cottage Quilter referred me. TTFN ~Marydon

Heyya chickadee!!
Love your way you introduced the book! I am so excited for you in being in the book and all!! Please put my name in that drawing!! come by and visit this mermaid!

Big Mermaid Hugs


ps come to my party!

What a bangup job you did reviewing that book! It'll make everyone want it! I haven't taken the plunge to blog yet, although family members think I should. For now, I enjoy reading other blogs, for recipes, eye candy, ideas and to inspire the creative juices. I think I'm intimidated that I'll have nothing to share that would be of interest to anyone. Maybe this book would help me over the hump and convince me to get started today!
Congrats on your blogaversary!
freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

I blog for bliss as a way to learn. I make a commitment to myself to learn something and then I write about it. It has been great fun and a way to meet a lot of really nice people.


Congrats on 2 years of blogging, two years of bliss right? And of course of being on THAT book! Why do I get the feeling I am the only one on the party that isn't published in THAT book? On top of that I am from Europe so I have to wait quite some time to have it in my hands. On the good side; thanks for giving us (me) this great sneak peek!
Well what is my blogging bliss? Well I may not be in that book, but I just party along, so I have a post about that, but for a give away I want to repeat of course. The contacts with other bloggers is what I like most about this. All kinds of contacts; creative cheering and sharing, but also what do you think of friendship, the most important things in life. The only thing I don't like is bloggers who nag about themselves having really minor problems. Oh that was not the question. Well, just a bonus! I love people who make other people laugh! Have a great day, enjoy!

Congrats on the honor, Lisa!

For me, blogging is preserving my moments. It's my online scrapbook. I love it!

Love it.. Mandy Dake

This book looks so wonderful! I would Love it! My daughter and I started blogging because we wanted to share the crafts that make us happy. Then as time went on, people seem to enjoy hearing about other aspects of your life and intersts. We have enjoyed the journey and meeting so many wonderful friends. Twyla

Hi Lisa! Totally enjoyed your post and celebration of Tara's book - congrat's to you too for being included. Your beautiful blog is pure eye candy and I always enjoy my visits here. Enjoy the party ~ xo Joy

I love the 'pinkness' of your blog and book. It makes me feel uplifted. I have been blogging for about a year, and now that I'm doing it, I can't imagine not blogging. Where would I put all the ideas I want to share?

Although I am new to blogging, I like reading what other people are doing and how life is being lived all over the world. I've met many interesting and talented people through blogs. I still have alot to learn, this book seems like it would be a great help.

I'm inspired by all the blogs I read - and I discovered yours through Tara's book. What an amazing community we have of creative bloggers! Thanks for sharing your blog bliss.

Congratulations Lisa!
You are so deserving to be in Tara's beautiful book!!!


I love lurking on craft blogs because I like the pretty photos and creative ideas. This blog is the only one I actually comment on. I like the way it looks. I like the projects. And I like the "voice." You seem sincere. Please keep blogging.

What a wonderful book! I blog because it along with scrapbooking is the only way I have been able to maintain any kind of journal!

I blog to inspire and to be inspired.

To connect with someone across the world or perhaps across our country all whilst enjoy a sweet tea at nap time from my kitchen table.

To celebrate my region and to experience others through photos.

To display the work of my family, my business, my life.

I blog to share my heart and hands with others.

.mac :)

You are new to me... but I am going to run out and get the book..
Emily Gail

I blog to get new ideas and be inspired. I have a blog to keep family up to date, but I just may start blogging about my creative side. (quilting,stitchery,home keeping)
Thankyou for this chance to win!

Congratulations on being featured Lisa! and also on your two years of blogging!
I blog because it allows me to say what my website cannot - I can share ideas, dreams, ask questions and make wonderful friends, all through blogging :)
What a generous and wonderful giveaway, thank you for sharing!

Congrats on two years of blogging! What an achievement!
I love visiting all these wonderful blogs out there for the inspiration I can find, the encouragement each one gives and takes and that gorgeous feel of solidarity I find all-round. I would love to start a blog of my own - I just need that last little push. And this book might just do the trick. Thanks for the great giveaway and sharing about the book.

This book looks amazing - congrats on being included! I have a blog that is more neglected than posted to and This might just be the inspiration I need to kick it up a notch and actually make it a blog that people would want to read.

Thank you for all of your inspiration!

Lisa, congratulations on your 2nd year anniversary and being in Blogging for Bliss! I've greatly enjoyed your blog and all the many others I read. I blog for bliss because I can connect with other quilters around the world, get ideas for new techniques and projects and just meet wonderful people! I've forged lasting friendships from my blogging experience and hope to make many more!

Congrats!! I have heard so much about this book and am dying to read it! I started blogging to show my family and friends in the States about our life in Morocco. And then I started meeting other creative friends and fell in love with blogging in a whole new way!

Wonderful giveaway - congrats to you for being in this great book.


I'm thinking about blogging about my arts & crafts, so this book would be useful. Thanks for offering it.

I blog for bliss because I love crafting in many many forms. Example is crocheting, making dolls, sewing, and many more. This gives me the opportunity to share my crafts and also learn new crafts from many talented bloggers. I also get inspiration from the blogs I visit too.


Congrats on being included in such a great book! While I don't blog nearly often enough, when I do, it's usually because I feel I have something to say. Something that I want to put 'out there' but not something that I would particularly discuss with someone in my household. I figure, if someone's interested enough in what I have to say, they will read my blog. If not, then I'm not wasting their time. But at least I'm having my say! I guess it's kind of an 'emotional purge' thing - it just makes me feel better to get it off my chest. Of course, I like to share scrapbooking info/links as well, and other little tidbits I find on the world wide web. Thanks for the chance to win the book - it looks really interesting!!

Happy blogaversary! How cool to be in that book!! I have it on my Amazon wish list. I liked typepad but the problem is when you decide to close your blog (like I did last year) you either have to keep paying or it just disappears. At least on blogger you don't have to worry about that!


a great giveaway! blogging is my therapy. if i wouldn't blog i don't know how i could go on.

that looks like such a lovely publication Lisa! and what an honor that you were included. And totally deserved. Your blog is so inspiring, thank-you for that!

hi lisa,
congratulations on being featured in such a gorgeous book!!!
i love blogging and visiting blogs because i love to see the work of like minded people, who share the same passion as myself for sewing & craft in general. i find the whole community very inspirational.

take care,
julie x

I've read about this book ad it's already on my must-have list, so I *heart* this give-away! And, of course, congatulations on your two years of blogging!

Bliss is the key to successful blogging..you have to follow your passions and the readers will follow!

hi! I would love a copy of Tara's book!!

Both hers and yours blog are on my reader.

I started blogging as a stress reliever. Now I blog, and read other people's blogs, for the sheer joy (and Bliss) of it. Blogging gives me a chance to connect with all sorts of wonderful people.

I blog to record memories of my son & also to keep family that lives far away updated. What a great book! If I don't win I'll just have to go buy it! LOL

Wow. First congratulations on having your work included. I will definitely order the book. Tyou for telling us about the book and your reasons for blogging.

I know why I started and continue to blog. I love to share what I do. In blogland I have found that I can share with like minded people who appreciate the work that goes into my craft and who share their creations and become inspiration for me. Win win.

Congratulations on being included in the book Lisa -- your blog is so beautiful so it's very well deserved!!! I have no idea why I blog, but I'm hooked ;-).

Big congrats to you Lisa! I think my 2 years just came and gone and I didn't even think about it...shame on me!

The book looks like a wonderful resource that I could surely use!

I blog for so many reasons - to document what I do for myself, for my family overseas to read and see what I'm up to, and perhaps even for validation from others?! So many reasons:)

Congrats on your 2 year blogaversary!! I so enjoy your blog and others. It is so much fun looking at everyones projects (so inspiring) and getting some good ideas and the tutorials are great. I have a blog, but it is not active, I have a little trouble getting it going. It would be great to have this book.

This looks like a great book - congrats on being in it!!! I started my blog mainly so I could comment with ease on all the blogs I love so much - and I continue because bloggers are so fun and friendly. It's so wonderful to have a community to share your creations with, and people who "get" your passion.

I can't wait to read this book! I've only been blogging since February, but I'm now addicted. I started blogging to join a community of like-mind creative people with similar passions. I had no idea there was such a diverse and large community. It's been really great to meet new people and be inspired by all the wonderful blogs.
Sharon :-)

I do love your blog! It is a pleasure to wander through! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of that book! It sounds great!

dfuller55 at verizon dot net

I am just thinking about starting a blog but I have NO idea how to proceed, the book sounds like a great & inspiring idea.

Happy Blogging in your 2nd year, Lisa.
I started reading and enjoying blogs a whole year before I took the plunge.

I started blogging because I wanted to
write about the things I loved and share it with to the world. I felt unique in that I'm actor writing about all sorts of creative things. It's one of the best things I ever done.

Yes, I love to win Tara's book. I can't wait for the party, so I can go blog hopping which I love

Congratulations on blogging for two years Lisa! I started blogging because people used to say, "Hey, why don't you start blogging?" :-) I thought it looked really hard. I still have a lot to learn about the whole process (templates, headings, editing, etc.) but it has been a wonderful experience for me. I use my blog to share the goings on in my world and sometimes my posts end up being used for journaling on my scrapbook pages. It has been a very cathartic experience for me over the last year.
That book looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

My daughter showed me design blogs (her major) and then I wondered about quilting ones. Oh yes, they did exist. I started getting such inspiration and thought perhaps I could blog as a way to keep track of my projects. It actually became so much more...like a worldwide quilt guild. It's been so fantastic.

Found your blog through Candice on Squarsh House Quilts. I have been glogging less than a year and could really use a copy of the book....Thanks for the chance to win a copy, Marj

what a neat book! & fun to see you featured. I blog to be part of the creative community & to share ideas. I just looked back to see how long I have been blogging & it is one year today! Happy Blogaversary to me... & to you too!

How do you do it all! I am in awe. Congratulations, on putting creativity in our hands. I look forward to your inspiration. Maybe I can get myself going in this direction thanks to people who love to share, like yourself. Thanks so much.

Hi Lisa!! That book looks absolutely lovely visually and the content sounds both intriquing and inspiring - I will have to get my hands on it one way or another! :) I have been blogging for over two years now (I can't believe I've been at it that long!) - I started after the birth of my third child as a means of getting my swirling brain under control, and now I do it, well, pretty much for the same reason! My blog is not at all organized or directed as far as who I'm trying to reach because it really is officially just for me, but as my children get older and my time/family dynamic shifts, etc. I am getting ready to start taking some university courses for writing and I would like to be more purposeful with my blog...I could get long-winded here (or I already have!) :) Anyways, I love your blog, congratulations on being recognized for it, and toss my name into the hat for the draw! Please and thank you! :)

Congrats on 2 years and on being featured! That is so cool! I really started my blog as a way to journal some of my creations. It has been a really good way for me to stay in contact with a creative community.
I would love to have this book. There is so much I am still learning!


Congratulatons on 2 years blogging I have nearly been at it for a year. i love being inspired by all the wonderful crafters out there. Bliss!

Lisa, congratulations on your well deserved honor!

I reluctantly started my blog two years ago. I thought I was starting it as a little companion to my real life interior design business. I was clueless about blogs and had no idea the blogging community was out there! Once I started, I was hooked and my blog became bigger and almost more fun than my business!

Two years later I am still blogging away! My blog has become my business, but it is definitely one of my favorite creative outlets!

Thanks for sharing about this new book, I hadn't heard of it!

Hi! I've been lurking for awhile now - I love the visual delight I get from your blog! Thanks so much for your efforts. The book looks incredible will definitely have to look for it!


I love reading your blog! Congratulations on your anniversary. This is the first time I've heard about this book. Blogging is another form of creativity for me AND an opportunity to meet other creative people.

congratulations on your inclusion in such a lovely book! I fell passionately in love with quilting and, almost immediately started a blog (about 3 months after I started quilting) because I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with the world! (Or, whatever part of the world happened on my little blog.)

I'd love such a book and will buy it anyway, because I'd love to make my blog a more visually satisfying experience for my readers.


Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I love your blog - I envy your creativity.

I read blogs, such as yours, to spur my creative juices and to help me visionalize the possibilities.

I would love to have a copy of Ms. Frey's book because I think it would be a great resource when I really start posting on my blog. (I have the name reserved and I have one post.)

I love all the crafting blogs out there and would love to start my own. This book may be just what I need to get started! Thanks for the giveaway!

I've heard about this book. So awesome that you're giving one away! I'm blogging after losing two people I loved to cancer. Their deaths encouraged me to live--and go after my dreams, be creative. Blogging connects me to creativity (as you say) in so many forms. I'm quilting, and now trying out upcycling clothing. I'm looking at things differently now--what can be instead of what is. I feel awake and happy. That's why I'm blogging. BTW, thanks for this. Writing this comment made me connect, once again. My grandmother died last month and I haven't posted since I got back from the funeral. Death is hard but creativity takes the sting away and reconnects me to the living. I'm going to post today. Thanks.

What a fantastic resource.....I have been blogging for one year, and have a whole lot more to learn about it....but it has been a means to encourage, to be a part of a community and to enjoy creativity at the drop of a hat.....better than a magazine often!!! I've enjoyed your creativity as well! Thanks so much!


I've not heard of this before but I'll certainly be looking for it!

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