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Well done! Your fall crafting project is looking like great fun. I posted something on a similar theme. Fall nesting is a great excuse to be playing all kinds of creative games.

Happy holidays Lisa to you and your family and happy new year,
Susannah x

OMG, I'm luving your blog. And your space is wonderful.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am so glad that you did because I have had the BEST time looking through your creative and beautiful posts. I will be back for more!

Very cool project! My hubby, son and I will be going to TX for Christmas... and I am trying to come up with creative gift ideas and art projects. I love the leaf idea. I guess you can use it on any cloth surface? Thanks for the project idea/lesson. Have a great Christmas! Lovlee

Hi Lisa, your napkins are stunning, thanks for sharing your creative ideas, Amanda

Such a great idea as always! Can't wait to see what you are working on next!

You have a beautiful Blog and thank you for stopping by mine. I will be sure to visit soon. Happy Thanksgiving too!

Lovely idea Lisa. And i love the pictures of your daughter in the leaves-- so sweet. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

sooo cool! i would have never thought of using leaves as a stamp. thanks for the inspiration Lisa!:)

Simple and sweet thanks for sharing. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Lovely project! Your photos are beautiful, too! Thanks for visiting me today (well, on my blog!)! I'll add you to my blog list, as I love your blog!

What a neat project. It would be great for the kids to help! Thanks so much for posting this!

This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for posting!

Lisa! How did I miss this great post?!! I guess I had a busy week. Lovely!!! And your post is so well done. Love the photos of your kids!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


What a neat idea!
I've never use fabric paints before ... are they machine washable?

Hi there! What a great idea; I love that you mixed up the leaves. The best part besides having your kids help is easy clean-up; no stamps to clean!!!lol Must try this! Sincerely, Jeannette

Hello Lisa!

I just love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial with us! Your leaf gatherer is quite cute!:o) Have lovely weekend!



Hello Lisa!

I just love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial with us! Your leaf gatherer is quite cute!:o) Have lovely weekend!



What a wonderful post and a great project!!

Your Thanksgiving table is going to be beautiful with painted napkins. Looks like you had some great helpers!

Hi Lisa,

What a fantastic and beautiful Idea!
Simple, natural and very pretty. This is a project that is perfect for the children too. And together it will make a band between you. Create good memories!!

I hope everything went well with the move and that you are settling in just fine. I have been thinking about you, but as always this time of the year, quite busy.
So where did you move and do you like it there? Just curious...
Can`t believe that it is almost Christmas. The scandinavian girls are totally nuts about this season and have already started decorating. Crazy!

Take care blogfriend,
Friendly hug,

What a cute idea! I am hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner for the very first time in my new home. I think these napkins will look great on my table!!

Those napkins are cute. They make a great project for the little ones. I know they'll be so proud to see the napkins on the Thanksgiving table. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, Lisa! I really appreciate you taking a moment to stop by and check things out! I absolutely looove your blog. It's so beautiful! Your kids are adorable, too! And oh, yeah.. there's this little thing where you are just incredibly talented and creative! I love this tutorial on the napkins.. so cute!

~Amy Rose~

Great idea.

Wow your header if gorgeous!!
I'm coming over from Freda's hive.
Your projects are wonderful. I'm adding you to my blogroll!

These are beautiful...but your daughter's photo makes this all post sing! :-)

I never heard of a rubber brayer before reading this post. You teach me something new with each project. The holiday napkins are beautiful and will enhance your dessert table. Best wishes, Your Mother Woman


This is a great project for the holidays! I love your ideas.

Lisa - this is so great! I can be an "artist" without having to worry about talent - and we have so many leaves in our yard! Thank you for a wonderful project and my best to you and your family for Thanksgiving! Cheers!

So sweet and simple! Thanks for sharing and Happy Turkey to you and your family!


~ Tara~

Just an idea.....why not write a book? I'm serious. I'm pretty sure you could find a publisher. You know, until you get your show. :-)



hi lisa -

yeah!!! i can do this project. i know i can. easy, peasy - which is what i am good at. plus, it's beautiful!!! i am going out to look for leaves now!! thanks.

What a wonderful idea. I will definitely be making these for our thanksgiving dinner. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful idea! Have a great day.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. Your daughter has a beautiful smile! I just love the ideas you come up with - the only thing better would be more frequent posts! (Hint, hint)

Those will definitely add charm to the holiday table - great idea!

Such a fun project...and beautiful pictures of Fall!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


These napkins are so festive! I was thinking I might need a brayer, now I KNOW I do. I wonder how well acrylic paints wash? Not that you'd wash these that often, but I'm thinking of other projects . . .

Thanks for sharing! :)

You have the best ideas! This is a great fall idea.

What a great project idea! I love how the painted leaves look on the gold colored napkins. I bet your table looks very festive and elegant with these adorning it.

Such a great idea. So easy to do. I love do leaf patterns on an old t-short shirt or my old pair of jeans. Your leaf spotter is adorable.

LISA! This is so simple but sooooooo pretty! I love it!

This is awesome! You just solved my dilemma of what to make for my mil for Christmas :) Thank you!

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